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Hey there! I’m Josh and I am a technology enthusiast and I’ve been making and fixing computers for the past 10 years, as well developing websites, apps and software.

It all started at a work placement for a large organisation in the IT department. Not knowing what to expect, I soon learnt about computer support, networking and the internals of a computer. From there, I decided to go to college and learn more. As well as learning about programming, I also got more experienced with the internals of a computer and was soon building computers from scratch, installing operating systems and servers. Whilst at college, I also learnt about computer architecture – which was mainly just 1’s and 0’s (sorry).


From the knowledge I have gained I have built my own machines, as well as been able to fix other people’s. I find that having the know-how to fix computers, whether it is hardware or software related, is vitally important.


I created this site so that I can help people such as yourself understand the ‘goings-on’ inside your computer. To absolute novices and technophobes, I can understand that computers can seem ‘scary’ and that by pressing the wrong button it might cause a major malfunction. But this is not the case and I am going to show you that computers are nothing more than just cables and components. I am going to share with you the best ways to create your computer,  how to increase performance, give you an understanding of all the major components and much more.


This site is also for those are familiar with computers, but have never built a computer and are unsure of what to do.


So, about Josh (me)…


Me graduating and wearing a silly hat.


I am in my twenties and I graduated from college doing IT, and then after that, I graduated from Central Lancashire University with a 2.1 in Multimedia Development. Before that, I studied IT at college and received numerous ICT certificates. I like web development, and as mentioned earlier technology. But it wasn’t always that way.

I like web development and as mentioned earlier technology… But it wasn’t always that way.


I’ll be honest there was a time when I found computers to be strange and scary, especially on old versions of Windows when a default error message would read ‘You have performed an illegal operation’. Perhaps not the best choice of wording there from Microsoft. But like anything, the more you do something, the better you get.

When building computers I have found that it can be both frustrating and rewarding. The frustration comes from ‘tearing’ your hair out and wondering why your computer won’t switch on, despite the power supply being connected and turned on. However, when everything is working and all your new high-tech gear is running smoothly and fast, then it becomes rewarding – knowing that something you have built with very little instruction has life; awesome!

I own a Raspberry Pi and I’m amazed by the things you can do with such a small device. There is so much potential, and there is a lot more I will be doing to mine, eventually.

I am someone who is always looking to learn and create. I like new technologies, such as the Raspberry Pi and I want to learn and as much as I can. Also, I want you to learn too. This site will help you learn and understand more about your computer.


If you ever need any support or you have any queries regarding your computer or any problems you encounter, then I am more than willing to help. Simply leave your comment below and I will make sure I will be in touch as soon as possible. Make sure you visit my site often as I plan to update it regularly.

Stay tuned and have fun!






Founder of Your Computer Zone

email: josh@yourcomputerzone.com