AMD Ryzen specifications – What you NEED to know! 6 Comments

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AMD Ryzen specifications – What you NEED to know!
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If you are someone that loves all things AMD, then you will have heard the news that they have released a new CPU called Ryzen. But, what’s so special about this CPU?

With cloud computing becoming an ever increasing popular technologyAMD decided that they had to create a processor that was faster and more efficient. The company then went to the drawing board to design a completely new CPU.

What makes the Ryzen so great is that is that it is a modern processor with a lot cutting edge technology. Some of the AMD Ryzen specifications include:

  •  Simultaneous multithreading (SMT)
  • Branch prediction
  • Advanced data prefetching *
  • Reduced cache latencies *

* Helps the efficiency of the CPU and how it uses the memory system.


The new processor is available in two series: 5 and 7. In terms of clock speed, power usage and other technologies included; 5 and 7 are very similar, but what is different is that the 7 series CPUs have 8 or 16 cores, whereas the series 5s have 4-6 cores.

If you are unsure what that meant, then watch this video below.


Lets’s have a look at the AMD Ryzen specifications.

Ryzen 7 (1800X, 1700X, 1700):

  • All models have a  768 KB of L1 cache, 4 MB total L2 cache and 16 MB L3 cache
  • They are unlocked
  • Have 8 CPU cores
  • DDR4 memory type
  • 2 memory channels
  • AES support included
  • Virtualisation support included


Ryzen 5(1400, 1500X, 1600, 1600X):

  • The maximum amount of L1 cache is 576 KB, L2 cache is 3 MB and L3 cache is 16 MB
  • They are unlocked
  • Have 4-6 CPU cores
  • DDR4 memory type
  • 2 memory channels
  • AES support included
  • Virtualisation support included
  • Clock speed of 3.2 – 4 GHz
  • 8 – 12 threads


AMD have said that this new CPU will be better for gaming and for all types of multimedia. But, how does it compare in the benchmark tests?

As mentioned in a previous article about AMD vs Intel, I concluded that AMD are more affordable and you got more for your money, however, Intel do make superior processors in comparison.


How do the AMD Ryzen specifications compare with Intel?


AMD Ryzen 7 1800X                       Intel Core i7-7700K

AMD Ryzen Specifications vs Intel

Comparing the Ryzen to the Core i7 you will see that there are noticeable differences. The i7 has a greater CPU speed as well as a higher number of samples and a better single thread rating. The Ryzen however, does have a greater amount of CPU cores. In terms of price, the i7 is considerably cheaper by at least $140.


The mark ratings tell you all you need to know… The Ryzen 7 is a better performing processor but, if you are on a budget, then your best option will be the i7 if.


However, what would the results be if you compared the Ryzen 7 with an Intel octa-core processor such as, the Intel Core i7-5960X?



It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it wins so hugely in the value test, seeing as though the i7-5960X is over $1000 (just under £1000), whereas the Ryzen 7 is approximate $/£400.



Other benchmark tests


7-Zip encoding

As you can see, the Ryzen 7 1800X is the clear winner with the 1700X, 1700 and 1600X models closely behind.


AES encoding

Again, look at that score!!!

The Ryzen 7 models blow the i7 out of the water.


3D Particle Movement v2.1

In terms of operations per second, the Ryzen 7 has a very impressive score.


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Need a motherboard?

of course with a new CPU comes a new motherboard that will support the AM4 socket.

My personal suggestion would be the MSI B350 TOMAHAWK



Where can I purchase the Ryzen 7?

There are many great online retailers to choose from. Here are my top 5 retailers:




The Ryzen processor is a fantastic achievement by the team at AMD. It has now made AMD a much stronger competitor to Intel in the desktop CPU market in terms of price and performance. It will be interesting to see what Intel do next. Overall, you are thinking of building a new desktop PC, I would seriously recommend looking at the AMD Ryzen 5 or 7. The benchmark tests speak and the AMD Ryzen specifications for themselves.




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