Why the Crucial System Scanner Tool will save you time and money 8 Comments

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Why the Crucial System Scanner Tool will save you time and money
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We get it: You want to upgrade your old PC, but you aren’t too sure what to buy, and whether it will be suitable for your machine. Instead of guessing, or scrolling through pages of forums on the internet, simply check out the Crucial System Scanner Tool.

The Crucial Scanner is a FREE tool from the nice developers at Crucial and is essential for those wanting to upgrade their computer, without the hassle.

I have seen countless posts on message boards and forums of people asking the same questions, ‘does this fit my computer’, or ‘will this be compatible’. I’m sure you have asked yourself the same thing too. So

Crucial System Scanner tool can help

That feeling you get when you bought the wrong RAM

don’t waste your time assuming this new, shiny hard drive will fit (whilst crossing your fingers) because it might not, and you’ll be left with an hard drive that’s only job will be collecting dust.


Other common questions are about RAM and whether their computer supports DDR4. Guess what, the Crucial Scanner knows and it will assist you in choosing a suitable product to purchase.

Don’t be like this guy: Ages ago, I saw a post online from a guy that wanted to know why his new graphics card didn’t fit his motherboard. He then went ahead and trimmed the card using a pair of scissors. Unfortunatley for him, that’s not going to work. And Of course, he got rinsed online and ultimatley had to pay a very harsh and expensive price. So, morole of the story is to make sure you check before you buy.

How to use the Crucial System Scanner Tool

First, head to the Crucial site ( < click this link).

You should see a site with this menu in the middle.

If you know your system’s specs you can use the Crucial Advisor tool, however, let’s assume you don’t. So, read and agree to the terms and conditions and select the checkbox and click the button to download the free Crucial Scanner.

The Crucial System Scanner tool takes seconds to download (depending on your internet connection). Once you are ready, double-click the .exe file, choose which browser you wish to open it in, i.e. Chrome, Edge, Firefox.

You should now see a screen like this…

Main things to notice:

  •  It informs you of the amount of memory your motherboard can support
  • Checks to see if your machine is SSD compatabile.
  • It knows your CPU chipset. So if you are looking to upgrade your processor, you now know what chipset your CPU has to be.
  • Showcases a list of compatible components – memory and SSDs. All of which can be bought from Crucial; safe in the knowledge that you know 100% that it will be suitable for your machine. *
  • The tool also comes with some handy PDF installation guides as well, so that you know exactly how to upgrade your computer without a hitch.

* Prices are shown in Pound-Sterling, but are available in other currencies too, such as US Dollars, Euros and Yen. Depending on your location.

What are the benefits of using the Crucial System Scanner tool?

Along with the list above, the Crucial Scanner tool is a great way to get insight knowledge about your computer as well as giving you an easy method of purchasing components that are suitable for your computer. This tool saves you the hassle of having to take apart your computer or searching endlessly for the user manuals (which you have probably thrown away). This tool is simple and easy-to-use.

If you are concerned about it infecting your computer with malware, then don’t be. Crucial are an established company and as well as that, the tool only scans your system’s BIOS and does not need access to your personal data. The tool is only available from the Crucial site > Click here < so the chances of someone tampering with it is very unlikely.

If you don’t need it anymore, just simply delete the .exe file from your comuter.

crucial system scanner tool can save you money

Save money and time with the Crucial System Scanner tool

Crucial are so confident that their tool works, they are offering a money-back scheme if your component is not compatible with your computer.

Building a computer is about creating a machine that suits your every needs and wants. The Crucial System Scanner tool is essential for anyone that wants to upgrade their machine. Knowing what your computer supports is vital as it prevents you from purchasing the wrong items, as well as saving you money.


If you have any quries, then let me know.

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8 thoughts on “Why the Crucial System Scanner Tool will save you time and money

  • Linda

    Hi, Josh!
    Thank you for this informative and interesting article! I never knew about Crucial System Scanner tool. Good to know that there is this kind of tool to help me choose items that I need to upgrade my computer. Really hard to know what is compatible with my computer.

  • Helen Vella

    This is always a topic that is a challenge when you don’t know much about computers and also when you do not who to trust either. Great review and this looks like a simple process to upgrade when the time comes.

  • Michelle C.

    Nice find Josh. Will definitely be adding this to my tool kit. I have been using Belarc advisor for years to get PC info and then manually processing the output, so this is an awesome shortcut. I wish I had this back in my years as an engineer, could have saved me tonnes of research hours.

    • Michelle C.

      Having actually tried the tool now, its not that much of a shortcut. Maybe i’m missing something but it really only presents information for components that their products can replace. So pretty much just memory and storage/SSD. So that video card story would still very well happen lol.

      Still a cool find though